Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Agile Developer Skills Workshop--Day One

Today a group of interested and interesting folk (I'll get a list of the 14 attendees soon) met in Ann Arbor to discuss the Agile Developer Skills idea. We started with a quick outline that I hoped would move us from a group to a team--a list of what motivated us to show up at the meeting, a reality check on what our goals were and if our sphere of influence was sufficient to make it happen, a list of customers, and then a discussion of a business model that could sustain this system.

We soon moved into a mindmap of our various motivations:

Then we brainstormed on a list of personas that may be our "customers" or stakeholders.

Then we discussed possible goals / to-do items / outcomes of this workshop.

The next steps are to filter the list of proposed outcomes and to review, in detail, potential "generally accepted curricula" that could be used in various courses.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for publishing these notes. I will be following as close as I can.

nico said...

thanks a lot!