Sunday, January 17, 2010

Agile Besançon Informal Discussion Night

We had scheduled a discussion on lean for the 7th of this month, but due to low turn-out, we ended up talking about one member's frustration about software development--he stared by saying he was sick and tired of it... that in other professions, a person could reach a level of quality that was demonstrable and durable... take a look at quality stereo equipment, or a hand-made wrist watch. The stereo he has at home was built with such pride that they sent out the schematics for it with the packaging--they felt like if anything ever broke, end-users could get it back running with minimal effort the design was so simple. On the other hand, just taking a look at code he wrote a year ago makes this developer sick with code smells. Why????
We talked for about 2 hours on this and other subjects... we hope to see you at the next Agile Besançon event :

lun 1 fev, 2010, 19h – 21h -- Coding Dojo -- "beau code"
mer 3 mar, 2010, 19h – 21h
mar 6 avr, 2010, 19h – 21h

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