Monday, June 14, 2010

XP 2010 Session Report -- Catalyzing Lean - Building a Limited WIP Society by David Anderson

Mudi: non-value added
Muri: uneven
Mura: overburdened

David Anderson delivered an excellent keynote on why WIP (work in progress) limits are important. While he knows of some software teams who are applying lean by removing waste, he looks forward to hearing more reports about lean used to improve the value produced by these teams. He initially started with lean because he saw it as a way to more methodically measure the impact of software process improvement efforts (he's the SPIN founder). He also emphasizes that there's no reason we'd need to throw out iterations--they are not inconsistent with lean--XP in fact is a very lean process--but he wants to decouple the cadence of software delivery and iterations. He wants to see work scheduled by the opportunity cost of delay, to see value optimized by offering classes of service on requests, to see risk managed with capacity, and more. He sees plenty of opportunities for better applying lean to software.

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