Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Target Customer Characterization

Recently I've been interviewing all the sales, pre-sales, and professional services staff in my company to build a profile of our customers and prospects, in order to better focus our development, marketing, and sales efforts. This is the template I made (inspired by Geoffrey Moore's book). I use it to guide my interview process, and try to fill it in under 15 minutes. Lots of times I only use the initial table to get context about the work environment, but can't fill it in; I rarely get to the "after" scenarios, but I'm posting this to get feedback--what would you change in the template?

So far the whole process has been quite illuminating. It takes a while to digest all the information I get, though, so I can't do more than a few clients a day.

Target Customer Characterization

Client Name: Industry: Interviewed:



Job Title


Technical Buyer

Economic Buyer

Before purchase, a day in the life of (find consequences for economic buyer):

Scene or point of frustration:

Desired outcome:

Attempted approach / Alternative Products / Competition :

Interfering factors:

Economic consequences:

After purchase, a day in the life of:

New approach:

Effectiveness of approach:

Economic benefit:

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