Thursday, May 27, 2010

conference season

It's the season to learn, get energized, and inspired by other conference attendees... Over the next 3 weeks I'll be giving talks in Paris, Trondheim, and Munich (luckily they're all in the same time zone):
May 31: Agile France, Speak Like a Native
June 1-4: XP 2010, Speak Like a Native and How do I Measure Up?
June 17: TAV 30, Testing before development is done: Agile thanks to MBT

Besides doing talks, I'm also helping ramp up this year's version of the Agile Tour. We recently sent a call to nominate cities for the 2010 edition, and we're having twice-weekly conference calls for the board. We have over 40 candidate cities so far! It's a conference that has enjoyed exponential growth--starting in 2008 in France only, we've marketed it across international borders (and yours truly did the English-speaking marketing), resulting in 6 new countries last year (3 of which came through the English-speaking channels), and even more this year.

Stay tuned for blogs about the cutting-edge developments announced at next week's conferences...

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