Tuesday, May 4, 2010

on the job market

Do you know anyone looking for a director-level software development manager? I'm on the market, aiming to find a position for September in Philadelphia or the region.

I'm looking to be a manager of software development, preferably at the director-level, responsible for a team of maybe 3-5 intermediate managers. What I'd like to do at my next position is build long-lived teams who get to know the business well and can pivot the product line towards ever-increasing opportunity and profit. I'd be happy to work for a business that has demonstrated profitability or for a lean startup. I know the difference between leadership and management, and have done both.

I used to be driven by software and technology hurdles, but over the years I've refocused on people issues--moving from managing small teams to coaching, and even trying out product ownership. For more information, browse my blog archives, my achievements, see my resume or recommendations. Please note that for my most recent position, I've been working in a French-speaking environment, and so I asked for reviews in French. If you want a translation, you can ask me or use Google translate.

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