Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Dhondt Teams Gel is all about

Too busy fighting bugs and doing rush jobs? For less than the cost of getting your team certified, contact us to coach your team to more effective, higher quality software (if you're in the greater Philadelphia region)! Dhondt Teams Gel is staffed by yours truly as well as an associate or two when we need a second opinion--all for the same, low monthly subscription. Subscription rates vary, but are approximately the same price as a one or two-day training course. Basically, you don't pay until our coaching delivers real value to your organization--and even then, we are so confident that our results work in the long haul that payment for our services is made in a two-year annuity.

Pay for Results, Not Hours
Many coaches charge by the day or by the hour--regardless of the outcome of their work. Some offer satisfaction guaranteed--but still charge before the results are realized. If we're working on cutting the cycle time of your dev team by 50%, you don't pay anything more than a flat subscription fee until you're seeing working software sooner! Our Coach on Retainer product is only profitable when we deliver results for you!

Training Plus Coaching
We also offer training workshops and soon we'll offer classes for a certification program (no official announcement yet). Since I believe that training and certifications are just the beginning of an intentional learning journey, I also include two "refresher" visits in the price of any class with 5 or more participants from the same company. It's the long-term relationships where we provide the most value, and that's why we want to visit course participants again and again.

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